Petah Bashano Event & Floral Design
Logo and print design for Petah Bashano Event & Floral Design. Philadelphia, PA
Petah Bashano
Event and Floral Design
Petah's business cards have two layers—a bee patterned backer with a tipped-on top card. He receives frequent positive comments on them. We chose something that required a precision alignment and hand-assembly as a way to introduce people to the attention to detail they can expect from all of the work he does.
The bee is recognizable when small, but when enlarged she has lots of detail. This is one of Petah's favorite things about her. 
For situations where space is at a premium, like this small magazine ad, Petah and I worked out a 2-line logo that gave his name legibility and the bee somewhat increased prominence.
For several applications, including his website, a horizontal logo was a better fit. This is a screengrab from Petah was able to build this site himself using
A 28-page, 3.5" square booklet used as a mini-portfolio/handout. Copy credit: Petah Bashano. This printed piece was done on a linen stock and digitally printed by Core Color Graphics.
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